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The European project LEARN

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Asso and public LEARNThe European project LEARN (Logistics Emissions Accounting and Reduction Network) aims to support companies in reducing their CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain by a harmonized and recognized method. In this perspective, the LEARN project aims to test a methodological framework, said GLEC Framework for Global Logistics Emissions Council.
With its expertise in assisting companies to measure their CO2 emissions, CPV Associés participated in the European Shippers Council (ESC) to set up tests of this methodological framework with voluntary pilot companies.
Thanks to these pilots, CPV Associés was able to formulate recommendations resulting from the plurality of experiments conducted.

Hardness, a handicap to productivity

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While the deputies have just voted to create a personal account for the prevention of hardship,
provided for in the pension reform bill, the implementation of which is planned at 1er January 2015, it is appropriate to return to this question, a real thorn in the foot of many companies, of the health and security at work.

By Hélène LEBEAU

Lean techniques and tools in warehouse

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"It's because we'll do better than we'll do more":

LEAN LOGISTICS experiments at CPV Associés or the implementation of LEAN techniques and tools in warehouses.

By Pierre CORRE