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We study with you, design and run tailor-made training programs.

These programs are intended to frames, to supervisors and employees, in the areas of supply optimization and operational logistics as well as logistics projects related to Sustainable development.

For more information, contact us by email: This e-mail address is protected against spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our training organization is referenced by "Datadock". We therefore fully meet the criteria of the Quality Decree of 30 June 2015 and are therefore "referenced" by all the financiers of vocational training. As such our training can be supported by the OPCA.

Some examples of training carried out:

→ Intra-company programs

    • Sales Forecast
    • Production planning
    • Inventory and Supply Management
    • Information Technology in Supply Chain
    • Customer service
    • Challenges of the Supply Chain
    • Fundamentals of the Supply Chain
    • Logistics and mass market
    • Lean techniques applied to logistics operations
    • Sustainable development approach applied to logistics operations

→ A unique multi-company program: Master Classes

The "Master Classes" training of the supply chain is a course dedicated to the actors of the operational supply chain.

The training program is tailor-made, in perfect harmony with logistics organizations that are by nature, transversal, evolutive and collaborative. Each year, a theme related to a current logistics issue is addressed during sessions of 3 days where "trainees" from different companies mingle.

Discussed subjects :

• MC1 "Contribution of supply chain actors to the reduction of breaks in linear"

• MC2 "Saturation and pooling of resources in Supply Chain"

• MC3 "Driving a logistics transformation project: moving from a stored flow to a tight flow"

• MC4 "Multichannel distribution and logistical impacts"

• MC5 "Effectively manage the disruptive events of a Supply Chain »

• MC6 « The contribution of transport in an end-to-end logistics chain: Value creation and customer satisfaction »

→ VAE: Validation of Acquired by Experience

Follow a complete course of 10 months leading to a VAE Bac + 3 (professional license MLO Management Operational Logistics) in partnership with the University of Aix Marseille (AMU)

Organized since 2015, the device currently counts 50 graduate employees and a result of 100% graduation.

  • Each promotion has about 12 to 15 collaborators,
  • Innovative VAE training model based on multi-enterprise promotions,
  • A body of knowledge of 3 days animated by CRET-LOG teachers,
  • A complementary course of 10 days (1 day in each of the companies, member of the promotion, on the topic of common work decided for each promotion) animated by CPV Associates,
  • The university selects candidates and provides administrative support.